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Swinging Slinky Leader

Swinging Slinky Leader

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Quick Facts-Designed for Swinging Flies-Rio Two-Tone Slinky Built-In
-Designed for Swinging Flies 

Are you into swinging flies? If so then you this leader is a must have. Built with a tapered butt section that begins 20#, (.017") Maxima Chameleon, the main feature of this leader is the handmade indicator section of Rio Two Tone Indicator Tippet in 1x (.010"), built directly into the leader. This coiled up section is why this is referred to as a Slinky, and it provides an unparalleled visual indication when the fish takes your fly. The coil will expand out from just a few inches to a multi-colored section that is approximately 18" long.

The expansion of the slinky also beneficially serves to help with timing on the hook set. By creating a momentarily shock delay to your hand, you are less prone to setting the hook too quickly. This momentary pause has greatly increased the hook up ratio for our clients.

The leader is finished off below the slinky with 3x, 4x, or 5x tippet. 

You will absolutely love everything about this leader!

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A great indicator leader

The Trusted Trout tiers know what they’re doing. This “slinky” leader is a game changer. A super leader with built-in indicator especially suitable for nymph fly fishing instead of using a clunky bobber-style strike indicator.